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Platfinity™ Changelog

The Changelog is on the Steam forums now.  Go here for information on the latest updates:

Changelog (notable new features or fixes), newest updates first.
Public Releases only, cumulative of interim numbers.

        Steam Release Version
        Fixed Cursor graphic wrong after changing Toolbox Page from Background editing
        Fixed CTRL-Wheel not moving to Settings page of Toolbox
        Fixed CTRL-Wheel not properly changing tile/object
        Fixed Start Point not saving position on new game with no Checkpoints
        Right Click/ESC now exits platform/object editing
        Platform code optimized and streamlined   
        Character can walk up sloped platforms
        Curtain effect at game start now rises at the correct speed for the Zoom level
        Some dialog box texts fixed to fit confirm boxes
        Cursor keys now work for 'Press key to continue' on title screen
        Fixed Character not always jumping when on Platform moving down
        Fixed Character sometimes falling through Platform moving up down at bottom of movement
        Fixed When riding a platform up, tiny jumps can make the Character fall through
        Fixed death not popping Character up on Ladders/Climbables
        Tweaked low/no gravity zones
        Fixed Zoom not always locking screen to character every time it's pushed/set by Game
        Steam Achievements tuned, tested
        Fixed Bounce height
        Character jump strength tweaked, Jump tuned to three blocks height
        Fixed Character feet being raised in Jump animations (all feet should be at sprite bottom)
        Fixed hopping when not on the ground bug
        Fixed Graphic editing Buttons appearing on Sounds and Settings Pages
        Added Game Settings Help Text
        Updated Credits
        Fixed Using Zoom button after completing level making flickering
        Updated demo games with new zoom capabilities
        Optimized logo screen and curtain raising
        Fixed bug with Steam functions causing crash if Steam is not running
        Steam Achievements added
        Jump button changed to A on x360 controller, Zoom to B
        Play game locked for editing - play as player, lock editing - unlock to edit
        Games can be locked for editing and played as User
        Initial Zoom and Allowable Zooms automatically saved and loaded
        Can now set Initial Zoom and Allowable Zooms for each Game
        Added checkbox graphics for Zooms
        Added Game Settings Tab
        'You Win' text font changed to match other texts
        Changed tooltip text to green, fixed text appearing under on object editing
        Fixed controller text
        Character jump height is now interactive, Jump can now be held or released early
        Added more moving hazards graphics to the game - 64 & 128 px sizes
        Fixed bug with showing background behind edited object preview of 128 & 256 px sizes
        Open the Games folder/appdata folders, etc. in Explorer Button added
        Revised Tutorial
        Fixed 'The Game this end point refers to not on the disk' text placement
        Fixed 'The Game this end point refers to' only showing when zoomed out all the way
        Added Export Game help section
        Rewrote/updated EULA and other text files
        Cannot save over/delete/rename/edit Demo Games
        Ghost in the City added to the game exe dir
        Game now saves last used game if it's a user game
        Fixed bug with loading and saving last used game
        Fixed bugs with loading and saving demo and user games
        Load screen has Demos and Your Games sections
        Better quit screen
        Added Tabs for Demo Games and Your Games
        Main Menu, Help Menus optimized
        Changed Greenlight Icon to Steam Icon
        Automatically writes profiles to %AppData%/Platfinity/Profiles
        Fixed 'Hi What's your name' is off center
        Fixed Timer bug happening when loading Proving Grounds on fresh install
        Engine stores Screenshots in AppData, writes folder if necessary
        Fixed Character jumping at start when pressing spacebar to continue on loading screen
        Fixed 'No saving in demo' message overlapping
        Platfinity Engine (Export) now working
        Game now exports data to Export folder
        Fixed Going from Help to Main Menu causing a flicker
        Game now stops on title screen, waits for keypress or button
        Fixed Timer moving while game is paused
        Fixed Game not pausing when in menus
        ...and tons of other bugs squashed...!

Game now installs Games, Profiles, Screenshots, and the Import folder to %AppData%
        Added some additional Foreground Tiles
        Fixed Character animation button tooltip appearing when user mouses over it on other pages


         Lots more default graphics added: Tiles, Platforms, Rotating and Moving Hazards
        Added Character animation previews to Character Toolbox page
        Added text descriptions to Character frames
        Animation preview toggle added to Character Toolbox page
        Game now loads default assets when you Create a New Game


        Fixed crash caused by loading sound file in the wrong format


        IGF entry version
        Updated Social Icons
        Added Beta tester credits
        Fixed crash when moving from Character tab to Foreground Tiles tab with keys
        Tutorial enhanced
        Selected tile for each toolbox page fixed when using keys to change page
        Improved 8 Bit Love Affair Part 2
        Added death effect, delay and reset

874RC1 - Initial Public Release

        Initial Beta release (Release Candidate 1)

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Platfinity™ and accompanying materials (C)Copyright 2014-2016, Ian D. Martin